Bird quest

Awaken to the forest's gentle rhythm and the symphony of birds. Monteverde is celebrated worldwide as a sanctuary of avian diversity. Here, the skies are graced by nearly 400 species of birds, including a mesmerizing spectrum of 30 hummingbird varieties. We are dedicated to making bird watching an inclusive endeavor, enjoyable for professionals, enthusiasts, and novices alike. Each Bird Quest is tailored to the unique knowledge level, interests, and curiosity of our guests, ensuring a bespoke experience.

6:30 AM
4 hours (including transportation)

Sustainable experiences

Monteverde is our home.  Our connection to this magnificent land runs deep and inspires us to craft experiences that prompt communion with our surroundings.  From forest-immersions at SAVIA to agro-adventures at Finca Madre Tierra, you will find engaging activities that bridge Nature’s wild dance and human endeavor.

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